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Whether you are an Associate publisher, commercial publisher or simply an Institutional repository, there is a massive possibility that you will at some point of time require converting your featured documents to NLM XML or make PubMed XML conversion. Even though NLM XML conversion has become an industry standard, but only a few data entry firms end up offering customers with highly intuitive conversion files. Fortunately, we at Kabir Infotech India value your need for excellence, which is why we only employ field specialist to work on dedicated projects.

PubMed XML Conversion at Kabir Infotech…

Taking a leaf out of some of the major problems seen with PubMed XML conversion, we have managed to model our project based upon PubMed Central Journal Article Tag Suite or the (JATS) specification. Working on JATS specification lets us work with popular formats such as Bookshelf XML for books along with NLM XML for manuscripts and Journals.

We, at KABIR INFOTECH, are dealing with worldwide publishers to convert their PDF/Word format articles to XML format as per the PubMed / NCBI standards. We are having expertise in converting articles/journals to XML as per the PubMed standards (PMC) at 99.99% of accuracy. When we provide PubMed conversion services to our clients, we are bound until PubMed accepts our XML converted articles. In other words, we provide accuracy work with 99.9999% of acceptance rate. If you are planning to index or publish one of your journals in Pubmed central than contact us and get a quote for Pubmed Central CML conversion service. We convert each article into PubMed XML format as per PubMed central in different languages like Korean, French, etc. You can verify these articles from PMC.

Pubmed Conversion Process

We convert articles, books, journals, manuscripts and almost any other type of content that is to be submitted to the PubMed central library. We accept content in various formats that include e-Pub files, PDF, SGML, Word, Text, or in any other electronic format, and even content written on paper. The content that we receive is converted on the basis of specifications of PubMed Central Journal Article Tag Suite.

How to PubMed Conversion?

  • Conversion of PDF/WORD/TEXT or content that we receive in any other format from the client is converted to XML format following the NCBI/PubMed Standards
  • We also effectively carry out a complex process of PubMed DTD/Schema
  • We process scientific formulas and other complex images ensuring they are as per guidelines that are set for content submitted to the PubMed Central Library
  • Conversion process followed by us include interference of quality checkers and other manual interventions to weed out errors

When you work with KABIR INFOTECH, chances of acceptance of your articles become double as we provide excellent accuracy. We do not provide mere PubMed XML Conversion Services; we provide knowledge-based XML conversion services. Our experts, having knowledge in Medical, take care of everything. They do not just copy / paste your data but provide you value-based PubMed XML Conversion Services.

A simple question in your mind that, How much does it cost to convert articles for PMC Technical Evaluation or PMC XML transformation? We are providing PubMed XML Conversion Services since last many years with 100% satisfaction of our clients/publishers. If you want to publish the medical, educational journals than Contact Us or email at info@kabirinfotech.com for further details