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Kabir Infotech focuses on XML transformation of digital content material, books, magazines, guides, journals, manuscripts, and other documents. Within the last a long time we have completed a variety of XML transformation projects for marketers, Universities, Libraries, Companies, Federal government Organizations as well as Technologies companies around the globe.

The XML transformation team helps to ensure that the digitized work that you get is actually error-free and quality rich so that it could be published throughout various electronic platforms such as Web, Mobipocket, Palm Readers, Amazon Kindle or The new Sony Readers as quickly as possible and made available to readers before your own contests grab the fight from their store.

XML Conversion Services provided by Kabir Infotech

We can transform documents from just about all recognized electronic platforms as well as difficult duplicate paperwork in order to XML. Our XML conversion providers addresses:

  • HTML to XML Conversion
  • TXT to XML Conversion
  • WORD in order to XML Conversion
  • SGML to XML
  • PDF in order to XML
  • RTF to XML Conversion
  • EXCEL in order to XML
  • CSV in order to XML
  • DTD Development and Improvement
  • XSLT & Cascading stylesheet Development and Development
  • Printed/Hardcopies in order to XML
  • Electronic duplicates to XML
  • TIFF to XML
  • Quark Convey, In Style, Body Producer to XML

We can also help you with the specialized working as a consultant service for example Growth and development of XML DTD as well as XSD, Development of XML conversion rates specification, automatic device development with regard to XML digesting, a software program with regard to debugging as well as a validity check for XML and so on.

It’s very essential for businesses to start framing their own digital future to stay aggressive since the publishing industry is having a transformation. Digital Posting is now a major region exactly where we’re concentrating within our production, having a division dedicated to e-publishing associated tasks. We have experts such as specialist developers as well as skilled high quality and administrative assistance groups.

Our knowledge of transforming easy and basic documents to those rich in content having tables, equations, charts and extremely complex in nature which includes B/W or seriously color-laden publications, technical & scientific publications, publications or support guides.

Make sure you contact us to go over your XML transformation service requirements, in order to get yourself a quotation.